Thousands March to Honor Dr. King at We Are One Rally

Braving the wind and cold, over 2,500 workers and community allies stood together Tuesday, April 4th to honor Dr. King on the anniversary of his assassination.

Dr. King was killed while standing shoulder to shoulder with sanitation workers in Memphis as they fought for dignity.

On Tuesday night, clergy, civil rights leaders, and rank and file workers reminded the crowd of Dr. King’s stand and linked his stand to our own fight against the corporate-backed attacks on workers’ rights.

Here’s what Kate Lynch, an LPN from HealthPartners, had to say at the rally:

Today, we honor the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Memphis sanitation workers.  Like they did a generation before, we are standing together to speak a bold truth to those who would use their power to attack workers.  That bold truth is that We Are One.

We are one when we stand up to those in power who want to scapegoat us for the economic disaster we all know was created by Wall Street recklessness and CEO greed.

We are one when we stand up to the attacks by Republican governors around the country on our friends and neighbors.

We are one when we stand up and say the battles we are fighting aren’t just about union workers or public employees.

We are one when we declare confidently that we won’t fall for the false distinctions that Governors Walker, Kasich and their corporate backers like the Koch brothers use to divide workers against each other in our fight for a better future.

When Governor Walker picked the first of many fights across the country with working families, he had no idea what he was sparking.

The direct assaults on our communities has shaken us out of our slumber and reminded us that when we come together as one, we are a powerful force for justice.  Looking across this crowd tonight, I can see that the attacks have ignited what Dr. King called “a dangerous unselfishness”…a willingness to say we are each other’s keeper and that we know that we either go up together, or we go down together.

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