Rockin’ the Capitol – RESPECT Rally

On May 3rd, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota rallied together outside the State Capitol with seniors, care providers and long-term care supporters to tell lawmakers to “respect” seniors by protecting long-term care services from budget cuts.

Emma Woodard, CNA and SEIU HCMN Executive Board Member

“I’m here today to speak firsthand about how nursing homes cuts affect real people.  Right now, there are a lot of dollar figures flying around.  In all of the overheated debate, we can lose track of the real people behind those numbers.  I see and touch them every day,” spoke Emma Woodard, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Executive Board member and certified nursing assistant at Providence Place in Minneapolis.

“Caregivers do this job because we love our residents.  I don’t expect to get rich, but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my health.  I work one of the most dangerous jobs in America, but I cannot afford health insurance for myself or my family. The legislature must stand on the side of caregivers and their residents.”

The rally, which featured Alive and Kickin’ – a senior rock and roll choir, was sponsored by The Long-Term Care Imperative, AARP, Seniors and Workers for Quality Care and Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging.

Check out more pictures from the rally!

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