Shutdown FAQ

Updated 6/30/11  12:15pm

Will the shutdown affect my hospital, clinic, or nursing home?

The short answer is yes.  Our facilities rely heavily on state funding to operate and a government shutdown will likely interfere with payments from the state.  Right now, the courts are hearing arguments to keep essential services running even if the state government shuts down, but a final ruling has not yet been made.  Stay tuned for more updates as information becomes available. Judge Gearin ruled on June 29th that the State will continue to make Medicaid/MA and MNCare payments to hospitals and nursing homes.

Will I get paid during the shutdown?

We will continue to enforce our collective bargaining agreements during any government shutdown including applicable payday and wage provisions.

I’m a licensed healthcare worker.  How will the shutdown affect me?

The Minnesota Board of Nursing and the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice have said that licensed health-care professionals will not be able to renew their licenses during a government shutdown, which would occur July 1 if the governor and Legislature fail to reach a budget agreement by June 30. Therefore, any professionals whose licenses expire during a shutdown – be they nurses, pharmacists, etc. – will then be unable to practice.

Why is the state government facing a shutdown?

The Republican majority in the legislature passed a budget with $1 billion in funding losses for our hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Governor Dayton vetoed that budget, and now the state faces a shutdown. If the Republican budget passed, it would put thousands of our jobs at risk and cut off thousands of Minnesotans from access to basic medical care. Worst of all, it would balance the budget on the backs of our seniors and people with disabilities – which is exactly what these legislators promised not to do. Governor Dayton’s budget proposal asks the richest 2% of Minnesotans to pay more so we can maintain quality healthcare and long-term care. The rest of us would not pay a dime more in taxes.

What can I do to speak out against the shutdown?

Join SEIU and our allies at a Shutdown Eve vigil on Thursday, June 30th from 9pm-11pm on the steps of the Capitol. RSVP here.

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