Service Employees Express Support For Occupy Wall Street’s Minnesota Occupation

Breaking news via SEIU Minnesota State Council:

Brian Elliott

Service Employees Express Support for Occupy Wall Street’s Minnesota Occupation
Occupy Wall Street Raising Issues of Greed, Inequity, Need for Jobs

Saint Paul, MN – Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Minnesota State Council and Locals cheer on the voice of the Occupy Wall Street movement in speaking to the failure of our elected officials and large financial institutions to address the current economic and unemployment crisis that they created and stand for the 99% of Americans harmed by the jobs and economic crisis by demanding that the other 1%, Wall Street CEOs and millionaires, pay their fair share to create good jobs now.

SEIU Minnesota State Council and Healthcare Minnesota President Julie Schnell stated, “The Occupy Wall Street movement, and the related efforts of OccupyMN, spring from anger that those who caused the economic crisis, giant banks and Wall Street CEOs, have utterly failed to either face the consequences of their actions or pay their fair share to put Americans back to work and create the good jobs we so desperately need.”

SEIU Local 284 Executive Director Carol Nieters added, “Millions of Americans, including members of SEIU and the labor movement have been demanding that Wall Street and powerful interests be held accountable for the damage their reckless behavior has wracked on our economy and begin to pay their fair share.  By putting their bodies on the line, Occupy Wall Street activists have given a powerful new expression to the hopes of people all over the country.”

Occupy Wall Street, operating locally under the name OccupyMN, is planning to occupy the Hennepin County Government Center Plaza starting Friday, October 7, 2011.  On October 5, 2011, SEIU issued a union-wide endorsement of support for Occupy Wall Street and its message about shrinking income inequality, investing in public education, and making the rich pay their fair share in taxes.


The full release by SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry can be found at, with additional information at

For more information, please contact SEIU MN State Council Executive Director Brian Elliott at or 612-703-4987.

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