“We Are Minnesota” Rally and Day of Action

SEIU is urging all of it’s members to vote NO on the voter restriction and anti-marriage amendments this fall. We believe they will have unintended consequences.

Why do unions care about these amendments?   We care because unions are about the dignity of all people.  We are a movement that is about dignity and respect.  We fight for the dignity of our workers and respect for the work each member does.  We stand for civil and human rights for all people, because we understand that what diminishes one, diminishes all.

The purpose of this demonstration of the labor community’s support to defeat the freedom-limiting amendments regarding marriage and voter ID.  Provide tools for attendees to take action, from immediately following the event through November 6.  Although labor-sponsored, all are welcome.

Overview of Event

Meet at Rice Park (109 4th St. West,St. Paul,MN55102)

  • 12:30     Gather:  Live music, crowd mixing; information tables for amendments
  • 1:00        Program:   Welcome: National Anthem, recognize distinguished guests; Union leader on why we are here; Brief testimonials by rank and file members on both issues; Musical guests; Mass tweet/Facebook posting; Main speech from political leader; Call to action; Closing sing-along
  • 1:45        Follow-up:  Sign-up opportunities for volunteer action (phoning, door-knocking, conversation training)

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