Protecting the Vote for Seniors, Students, Military and all Minnesotans

LaDonna Meinecke is fierce and she is fired up about protecting voting rights. Knowing that Minnesota’s proposed Voter Restriction Law would directly impact the people she serves, she volunteered to organize a fundraiser to help defeat it.

“I regularly treat seniors, the disabled and other adults including veterans who don’t drive and therefore do not have a drivers’ license.  It would pose significant obstacles for them in terms of cost and logistics to obtain mandatory government-issued voting identification. Frankly, some people can’t afford even a nominal fee, which is often their daily food allowance,” Ms. Meinecke said.

“Additionally, our counties and cities will have to bear very high costs to implement Voter I.D., possibly resulting in property tax hikes. Wouldn’t our citizens be better served if funds were used instead for our schools, health care, and other essential services?” she continued.

Minnesota’s controversial Amendment 2, if passed, would eliminate mail-in and absentee ballots used by more than 250,000 voters—many from nursing homes or military bases overseas—and end same-day voter registration used by more than 500,000 Minnesotans.

“This is a Republican ploy to keep certain people from voting. Period. It is not based on legitimate concerns regarding voter integrity,” Ms. Meinecke said. “This is a poll tax that puts barriers between those who are already disadvantaged and their right to a ballot —just because they vote a certain way.  It is the right-wingers desperate attempt to cling to the political status quo.

Ms. Meinecke’s efforts raised more than $2,000 in a short time frame for Our Vote Our Future, the statewide campaign to defeat the Voter Restriction Law.

There’s still time to volunteer. Join LaDonna who will be phone banking this Saturday to protect Minnesota’s election system, nationally recognized as one of the best with having the highest voter turnout. Register to help get out the vote here:

LaDonna Meinecke is a member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. She works as a Behavioral Health Psychotherapist at HealthPartners West Clinic in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

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