Hey Congress: Don’t cut services for the needy to line the pockets of the wealthy and greedy

Jobs-not-cuts-Rally.jpegDo you oppose cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and education in a “fiscal cliff” deal? Join us Dec. 10.

There aren’t many economic issues that a clear majority of Americans agree on. One very important thing we do, however: It’s time to raise income tax rates on the richest among us.

In the coming weeks, Congress will be making decisions on budget measures, services and tax increases known as the “fiscal cliff” that will have long-term effects on our economy.

In the little more than a month since the election passed, it’s already become clear that many conservatives in Congress are primed to hold the American economy hostage in order to safeguard tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans. Representatives like Reps. John Boehner and Eric Cantor are pushing for a budget deal that includes cuts to hospital and nursing home care that Medicare and Medicaid cover, as well as Social Security, education, child care and other programs that families count on.

Well, guess what? Working Americans are not going to take it. We elected our members of Congress to advocate and pass legislation that has our best interests at heart, not just the 1 percent.

“Jobs, NOT cuts” is the message thousands of unions members and activists will be bringing when they converge on their members of Congress’s offices all across the county on Dec. 10 to demand a commitment from her or him to protect vital services such as Medicare and Medicaid from cuts.

The Dec. 10 National Day of Action is about making sure the debate is not just about numbers, but about working families, seniors and children. Regular people want to make sure that their families’ economic interests and needs stay front and center in this debate, and they’re not going to stand by or let Republicans use blackmail as a bargaining strategy. President Obama is standing with us us and seems ready to call their bluff.

Be on the right side of the issue. Find an event to join in your area to take action this Dec 10.

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