June Oliver: Caregivers, recipients need organized voice

Letter to the Editor, Sun Current, April 16, 2013


I work as a personal caregiver for my mother.

She has severe rheumatoid arthritis, which has left her deformed and soon unable to walk. Many daily cares that we take for granted are extremely difficult for my mother, so I make myself available to her 24/7. My mother deserves and receives every dignity.

Over the past decade, a rigged budget has cut more and more funding which allows seniors the ability to retire with dignity and remain in their homes.

I am in favor of forming a union to help to help the small voice, such as myself, be heard. I am one of many who have been greatly affected by this rigged budget cut.

It’s time we support efforts to make critical investments in care for seniors and people with disabilities.

It begins with investing in the people who care for the elderly and Minnesotans with disabilities. Home care workers provide critical services. The work we do is real and matters to thousands of people in our state.

June Oliver, Bloomington

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