New Polling Numbers Show Bipartisan Support for Immigration Reform

77 percent of Rep. John Kline’s constituents believe the immigration system is broken, want change this year

St. Paul, Minn. – New polling numbers released today show growing bipartisan support for the U.S. House of Representative to pass immigration reform this year, including Republican support in Rep. John Kline’s district. The numbers come a day before House Republicans are expected to discuss immigration reform at a summit in Washington D.C.

The surveys, which were conducted by Public Policy Polling in seven Congressional Districts across the country, found that voters would be less likely to vote for their Congressman next year if he opposes immigration reform.

In Rep. Kline’s district:
·         44 percent say they would be less likely to support Rep. Kline next year if he votes against immigration reform.
·         77 percent say it’s important for the US to fix its immigration system this year.
·         Voters support the Senate version of the bill by a 69-24 margin.
·         Republicans favor immigration reform by 37 points; Independents favor it by 39 points.

“These numbers reflect a growing momentum all across the country to finally fix our broken immigration system,” said Javier Morillo, President of SEIU Local 26. “The Senate provided a great starting point for the House – we urge our Republican Representatives to call on GOP leadership to bring this bill to the floor for a vote.”

“The House must provide a pathway to citizenship and bring these 11 million aspiring citizens fully into our society. The Senate bill would bring millions of people out of the shadows and reunite hundreds of thousands of families.”

SEIU has partnered with a broad coalition of more than 30 faith, labor and business groups in Minnesota advocating for commonsense immigration reform. On Tuesday, SEIU members joined the coalition for visits to Rep. Kline, Rep. Paulsen and Rep. Bachmann’s offices in Minnesota, urging them to support immigration reform.

Nationally, SEIU has been a strong advocate for immigration reform, launching TV and radio ads featuring Americans of different backgrounds calling on Congress to pass immigration reform.

“Immigration reform is in the best interest of business and labor, of Republicans and Democrats, of all Americans, current and aspiring,” said Morillo. “Every day businesses are unable to hire qualified foreign-born workers. Immigration reform would allow companies to hire the most qualified workers. It would also stop employers that intimidate and exploit undocumented workers, a widespread practice that drives down wages and working conditions for everyone. The time is now for a vote.”


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