Healthcare Workers Express Confidence in New MNsure CEO and Gratitude for Contributions of Outgoing Director April Todd-Malmlov

December 18, 2013
Contact: Phillip Cryan, 651-269-4821

SAINT PAUL, MN – Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare Minnesota expressed confidence in new interim MNsure Chief Executive Officer, Scott Leitz.

“Scott brings valuable leadership skills to MNsure as well as extensive knowledge of MNsure and demonstrated success in management,” said Jamie Gulley, president of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “He’s a good choice to help MNsure navigate the transition period.”

Leitz brings to the position more that 16 years of high-level operational experience managing large and complex programs and projects, and he led DHS’s coordination with MNsure on the enrollment of more than 700,000 people in public healthcare programs. He also has a track record of successful collaboration with consumer groups and other public organizations, and a proven commitment to ensuring that state programs truly serve the public interest.

Outgoing Director Todd-Malmlov had been the top executive at MNsure since its creation in 2011.  “Minnesota has one of the best-functioning exchanges in the country, which is largely due to April’s expertise and leadership over the last two years,” said Philip Cryan, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Director Of Organizing. “But MNsure needs to do better and will benefit from new leadership and vision.”


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota unites 15,000 hospital, clinic, nursing home, and homecare workers in Minnesota’s acute and long term care industries. Our union is dedicated to ensuring quality, affordable healthcare for every American and improving the lives of all of Minnesota’s working families.



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