Workers Praise Senate Passage of Women’s Economic Security Act

Saint Paul, Minn ­– SEIU members praised the Minnesota Senate’s passage of the Women’s Economic Security Act Wednesday, highlighting the positive benefits for women and all working families in Minnesota. A majority of SEIU members in the state of Minnesota are women, and workers recognized this bill as an important step, highlighting work to close the gender pay gap, protect women from discrimination in the workplace, and help improve retirement security for workers across our state.

“Through my work with students and families in our public schools, I know that giving women a fair shot in the workplace can help strengthen working families in our state. I am glad to see the Minnesota Senate taking a step to address this today by passing the Women’s Economic Security Act,” said Valerie Rolstad, a member of SEIU Local 284 who lives in Fridley. “Things like equal pay, protection from discrimination, and a chance for retirement security should not be things women have to struggle to achieve.”

“Women in the healthcare field know the work we do should be treated equally, and we’ve fought through our union for many of these same measures. I am glad to see the Women’s Economic Security Bill passed to begin the process to level the playing field for women­ and all workers ­ in Minnesota,” said Crissy Hanson, a Scrub Tech from Brainerd and a member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota. “When women in Minnesota are given a fair shot, it will help to rebuild a strong middle class where all Minnesota families can succeed.”


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