Home Care Members Share Stories about Care Crisis at Contract Hearing

On May 8th, home care workers with our Union, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, were at the Capitol for a hearing about care work in Minnesota. The group attacking us, MNPCA, was also there.
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From our side home care workers, parents of children with disabilities and clients told about the work we are doing, working to raise pay, boost budgets for families, increase training and benefits, and more. We talked about the care crisis that is facing seniors, people with disabilities and our family members who are struggling to find enough caregivers because of the low pay and lack of funding for essential services.

The few people in attendance from MNPCA attacked our union with their usual accusations (all of which have been discredited) but offered no ideas, let alone solutions, to the care crisis. One of the speakers for MNPCA was Kim Crockett, a lawyer from the Center For the American Experiment. They are a group who propose cutting the very Medicaid funding that funds the care work we do. Another anti-worker lawyer, Doug Seaton, said he thinks the legislature should reject our contract that would increase funding for the PCA program and budgets for families on CDCS and CSG to pay for the new wages and benefits we won in our negotiations.

I sat there thinking “how do these attacks, these failed lawsuits, help my family?”

I was proud our side talked about issues. I was proud we brought forward proposed solutions to the issues facing our family.

It was clear who cares about Minnesota families and who cares more about scoring political points at the expense of seniors, people with disabilities and our family members.

Thank you,
Cortney Phillips
Home Care Worker and mother from Annandale

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