Methodist Hospital Housekeepers say “Enough is Enough”

Last week on Thursday, November 2nd, more than 100 members in the Environmental Services Department at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital formed a delegation and presented their petitions and grievances to the Director of Human Resources. The members said “Enough is Enough”. They were tired of disrespect and poor treatment by the director of the EVS department.

Working conditions have deteriorated so much that two of the supervisors in the department informed members that they were quitting because they were being forced to issue unjust disciplines. The members came together and with the support and guidance of SEIU Executive Board member Brianne Bernini (who works in the Emergency Department at PN Methodist) organized to present their grievances in the most dramatic way possible, with a department wide delegation to Human Resources. EVS members want to see changes, including a commitment to respect our members and our work, a new department manager and we support keeping the supervisors who advocated for fair treatment of our members. With this powerful show of unity by the members, we expect that real change will be coming soon.

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