SEIU St. Mary’s Contract Negotiations Summary

  • The duration of the contract is 3 years.
  • We cleaned up contract language to remove food service.
  • Along with Union Stewards, Leaders are also recognized in the contract in all applicable places.
  • Employees will be granted time off to attend Lobby Day.
  • The timeline to decline and awarded position went from 14 days to 7 days.
  • A full list of existing benefits was added to the contract so everyone is aware.
  • The Union Representative must notify the HR representative 48 hours before coming to the hospital whenever possible.
  • The Union Representative will give 2 weeks’ notice, instead of 6 days, to get employees released for union business.
  • The standard initiation fee no longer exists and was removed from the contract.
  • Maintained union pension.
  • Double time will be paid on the 7th day of a work week if an employee is scheduled or mandated during that seven days.
  • New Union Security language was added.
  • There will be new member orientation for new Union members on site the same day as the new employee orientation.
  • All Roman Numerals will be changed to regular numbers.
  • The Employer and Union agree to sit down and discuss overtime issues in Surgical Services.
  • The Employer and Union will create a side agreement regarding i-pad carrying straps for janitors in Environmental Services.
  • 20-year step was added to the wage scale.
  • Wages:
    • Year 1: 1.5% for years 0-9; 1.75% for years 10-19; 2% for 20+ years
    • Year 2: 2%
    • Year 3: 2%

If you have any questions, please ask a member of your elected bargaining team or ask an organizer at the ratification vote. We will be voting on the contract on Tuesday, April 24th from 7am-7pm in Domitilla M-144.

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