SEIU HCMN Statement on Trump’s Executive Order

This Executive Order requires families be indefinitely imprisoned in facilities such as abandoned Walmarts, tent cities, military bases, etc. where children will still be forcibly separated from parents prosecuted as criminals, as mandated by the administration’s zero tolerance policy. The family separations will still happen.

This Executive Order is still a part of the same design to criminalize communities of color and expand the already massive, unaccountable and deadly immigrant detention system. It does absolutely nothing to solve the manufactured humanitarian crisis at the border created by President Trump and his administration.

Meanwhile, over 2,300 children still remain in cages and many still missing. Some of the parents have been deported with no instructions on how to locate their children, and there are no mechanisms established to assist in the reunification of these families.

We are a country of compassion, opportunity and hope. The safety and well-being of children and the soul of America is still at stake. We must keep families together in an environment where children can thrive.

Using the lives of young children as political bargaining chips will never solve this crisis, nor will terrorizing our borderland communities. We demand an end to this cruel practice of criminalizing families and locking them up in jails indefinitely.

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