Speak up. Stop the Hate! Trump Administration’s Proposed “Public Charge” Rule

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Today, the Trump administration officially published its proposed “public charge” rule that  would force families to choose between the well-being of their children and a secure future in America. If it goes through, it could force families to forego needed healthcare or go hungry or become homeless in order to secure a future in America.

Your voice matters. Help us fight back and stop this rule from taking effect! Working families have 60 days (until Dec. 10) to speak up and speak out on the impact this proposed rule will have on all of us.

Go to SEIU.org/TakeCharge and raise your voice to oppose this attack on working people who are struggling to make ends meet.

This proposed rule is the first step in an attack on all public services-an attack aimed at all Americans.  By cutting healthcare, nutrition and housing assistance for new Americans, the administration is undermining vital programs for all communities.

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