Conservative Member Committee Update

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 12.10.19 PMThe Conservative Member Engagement Committee (CMEC) met the first week of May in DC. We spent two days discussing and working through how SEIU International, and subsequently our locals needs, to discuss and work on Immigration and the upcoming presidential endorsing process. There were over 20 locals represented from all corners of the United States that SEIU represents with rank and file members all the way up to SEIU International president, Mary Kay Henry, participating.

Immigration continues to be a polarizing difficult subject to discuss. Which is exactly why we need to continue to do so. It became very apparent not enough of the immigration conversation discusses why this effects you as a member here in Minnesota compared to members in Texas, California or other more southern locals.  The simplest most succinct way of saying this is because it effects hundreds of thousands of SEIU dues paying members across the country. There are first, second and third generation immigrants as well as current individuals that have come to the US as refugees affected.

While it is hard to always see how that effects your next contract here in MN, it drastically effects these individuals’ next contracts in their work places. The International Union works towards best representing all members across the US. While we cannot fix immigration today, we have to work towards it, so the members effected by this can have the best contracts possible.  When we run into major issues here in MN with Mayo, Allina, Health Partners our Nursing homes and Homecare, the International and these same members will be here to support us win those fights as well. This would naturally require an even longer conversation than I can have in a weekly newsletter. But please know conservative voices are being involved in this conversation.

As always please feel free to reach out to me personally if this is a in depth conversation you are interested in having. I am happy to meet you or your co-workers as able to talk more in length.

I will update you on our discussion of the presidential endorsing process as we continue at a later time.



Corey Van Denburgh

Homecare worker

Member Vice President

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