Orientation Materials for Fiscal Intermediaries

The above materials are available for use while in-person orientations are postponed due to current circumstances. According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Article 14, Section 4, PCA Choice Agencies and Fiscal Support Entities (FSEs) that provide an orientation session for new home care workers must distribute Union membership applications and orientation materials to workers who are covered by the CBA. This includes all home care workers who provide services for participants on PCA Choice, Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS), and/or Consumer Support Grant (CSG).

Union membership applications are available by mail. To request membership applications and envelopes send an email to SEIUHomecare@seiuhcmn.org with the number of applications you are requesting and the address they should be mailed to.

Orientation materials are available electronically. PCA Choice Agencies and FSEs may download and print the materials via the link above.

Each new worker completing orientation should receive the orientation packet with a Union membership card with business reply info on the back.

Any questions about orientation materials should be directed to the Fiscal Intermediary Hotline at 651-294-8188 or by email at SEIUHomecare@seiuhcmn.org.


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