Stronger Together: Mutual Aid and Support

SOLIDARITY RESOLUTION – Adopted by SEIU HCMN Executive Board on June 1, 2020

Whereas we mourn the death of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police, and

Whereas our members have joined in peaceful protests of his death as well as the pattern of police brutality against members of the black community in our state and our country, and

Whereas alongside those peaceful protests there were also significant incidents of vandalism, property damage, fires and destruction (both by those who were legitimately outraged by George Floyd’s death and those who were motivated by other impulses, including a desire, by some, to undermine the lawful expressions of protest, grief and rage in our community), and

Whereas the destruction of our grocery stores and pharmacies, the shutting down of public transportation, and many related health and environmental impacts urgently need to be addressed, and

Whereas our Union is at our best when we pull together across our state, across difference of race and gender to help our members and community in need,

Therefore, be it resolved:

SEIU HCMN Members will provide leadership, resources and staff support for our members in affected areas of our community to identify needs and to provide material support, assistance, and service for the members of our union and community in need of assistance and

Therefore be it further resolved:

SEIU HCMN will allocate $5,000 immediately to this effort and will report back any additional needs and areas for support to the Executive Board at our next meeting on June 15th.

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