PNM: Extra Shift Bonus LOU Info and Vote

SEIU Members at Park Nicollet Methodist,

The hospital approached SEIU leaders this week with a proposal to offer Nursing Assistants and Emergency Department Techs at Park Nicollet Methodist an extra-shift bonus of $25 per 4 hours of work on a pre-scheduled extra evening or night shift.

Union leaders negotiated the details and now it is up to the members to vote on whether or not to ratify the agreement. The agreement is available here.

Please vote by 5pm on Monday, November 9th. Voting is online here.

Why is the hospital offering this bonus?
Due to COVID-19, the hospital is experiencing high patient volumes and told us they are having difficulty filling evening and night shifts in Inpatient Units and the Emergency Department. The hospital wants to provide an incentive in an effort to meet this need now and in the coming weeks.

Who would be eligible?
Nursing Assistant and Emergency Department Techs who have the skill set to work within the Emergency Center and the Inpatient Areas (2N, 3N, 3E, 4W, 4E, 5E/W, 6E/W, 7W, 8W & OBS). These employees must be skilled and able to care for all patients, including care for COVID patients and have ability to work in the Emergency Center, critical care, and the medical/surgical units. If the SEIU NA or Tech does not work in the Emergency Center or inpatient settings, they must be able to perform all necessary skill sets, as well as have a willingness, to work in these clinical areas in order to participate.

Eligible SEIU NAs or Techs are asked to request all extra shifts via MySchedule. Confirmation of extra shifts will follow all normal processes followed by the scheduling teams. We will follow all contract language to increase and decrease our staffing levels, based on seniority and skill set.

The extra bonus will not be paid to employees if they have any unscheduled time off in the pay period the bonus is to be paid (example: replaced self, sick or absent). Time missed due to being told by Employee Health to self-quarantine at home due to a work-related exposure will not negatively impact an employee’s bonus.

When would the short-term bonus be offered?
If this agreement is ratified by the membership, extra shift bonuses would begin Tuesday, November 10, 2020 and end Wednesday, December 23, 2020.

Why is this bonus only be offered to these two job classifications?
Hospital leaders said this is a supply and demand situation–the reason for the bonus is simply to create an incentive to fill the extra demand for evening and night shifts in inpatient units and the Emergency Center.  The purpose of the bonus is not to show appreciation or recognize the exemplary work all SEIU members are doing during this challenging time. Our union previously brought the hospital a proposal for Hero Pay and hospital representatives said such a proposal was too costly to consider.

Are other employees in the hospital being offered bonuses?
Yes, MNA Nurses have been offered and accepted a similar bonus program.

Will the hospital offer similar bonuses to SEIU members in other job classes?
At this time, hospital administrations said they have not identified a need to offer such incentives in others areas of the hospital, but if such a need becomes evident they could consider appropriate incentives. If you feel there is a need in your department, please share that with your supervisor and/or director.

Please vote by 5pm on Monday, November 9th. Voting is online here.

SEIU Leaders are recommending a yes vote. Although this bonus is nowhere near what SEIU members working during this pandemic deserve, it is something.

Thank you,

Krystal Klein
Internal Organizer, SEIU

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