Allina Health Announces Health Insurance Premium Holiday

On Friday, November 20,Stethoscope and money symbol for health care costs Allina Health announced that it will cover the employee portion of Allina Health-sponsored medical and dental plans in the month of December. Premiums that would otherwise be deducted on the December 11 and December 25 paychecks will not be applied.  According to their announcement this is a one-time, non-precedent setting event.
Our Union applauds this decision by Allina and I want to thank the SEIU members who serve on the Health Care Cost Committee at Allina for bringing forward the idea of a rebate or credit for Allina members beginning last summer. The SEIU committee members are Harry O’Mara (ANW), Dawn Akkaya (ANW), Rita Matthews (Mercy), and Larry Schindler (Unity). For the past several months, the SEIU representatives on the committee have been advocating for just such a rebate or credit. Seeing that the number of claims processed under our plans was historically low and seeing the Blue Cross/Blue Shield was issuing rebates to other customers the SEIU committee members asked for Allina (which self-insures their health plans) to provide the same level of rebate to workers that Blue Cross is offering to customers in non-self-insured plans. We applaud this outcome and call on all other SEIU employers with self-insured health plans to provide a similar rebate on health insurance this holiday season!

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