New Contract at Parkview Care Center

Congratulations to the members at Parkview Care Center on winning a great, new three-year contract! Details include:

Year One:

  • The employer will absorb all increases for monthly health and insurance premiums (6%).
  • 1.25% increase to all steps of the wage scale and 2.25% for all employees at or over the top of the wage scale.
  • The PM shift differential was increased by $0.10 to $0.55/hour.
  • The Uniform Allowance benefit increased from $0.07/hour to $0.10/hour.
  • Members won a COVID Pay “Letter of Understanding,” increasing pay by $5.00/hour for employees working in direct care for COVID residents and $2.00/hour for all other employees in a facility where there are COVID + residents.
  • Added the SEIU Health and Safety language related to exposure to infectious disease and paid time off when unable to work after a workplace exposure.
  • Clarified language in an LOU on open shift and overtime.

Year Two: 3% Wage increase for all employees.

Year Three: Contract will reopen in October 2022 to negotiate wages for year three.

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