Allina Hospital Negotiations Remain Stalled

While the Twin City Hospitals continue to make steady progress, Allina Health has distinguished itself apart this year. Allina has been going out of its way to be difficult and their management team has attempted to dictate everything, rather than working with the members on our committee. They refused to start after the New Year like the other hospitals. Then they would only agree to 5 bargaining dates which is less than the National Labor Relations Board expects from parties in a normal year, let alone a year when we are dealing with essential workers in a pandemic. Rather than work with us on issues of respect, health and safety, workplace violence, Hero Pay and improved wages, Allina has focused on pushing for concessions from our members.

  • They have proposed to:
    • Delete the 8 hour shift standard, so that they can schedule whatever they want without restrictions, 2 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours.
    • Cut our PTO accrual down by 40 hours.
    • Eliminate scheduling guarantee language that requires cooperation when they want to expand hours/days of work for traditionally 5-day departments.
    • Limit our ability to transfer to other jobs.
    • The right to increase co-pays and deductibles for the SEIU Allina First insurance plan mid-contract.
    • And more.

Allina has agreed to no Union proposals, has not dropped any of their concessions and left bargaining early on Thursday. Allina has so far refused our proposal to extend the contract to keep working to find areas of common ground. We bargain again on Thursday this week and will hold a member Tele-Town Hall meeting later this week to share what progress, if any, is made.

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