Tentative Agreement Reached at Maplewood Good Samaritan

Congratulations to the SEIU members and bargaining team at Maplewood Good Samaritan nursing home on reaching a tentative agreement for a new contract! Members will have the opportunity to vote on the agreement later this week. Details include:

  • A 3-year contract with no openers, providing a 2% increase to wages and the hiring grid on March 1 of each year!
  • Changing the paid New Member Union Orientation time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Evening and night shift differential increases to $1.25.
  • Upgraded to new PTO system, with a new PTO accrual schedule which is faster and more PTO.
  • Eligible Employees can arrange to cash out PTO (once per year) up to 40-80 hours, subject to IRS rules and regulations.
  • New Military leave language includes the Employer paying the difference between the military earnings and the employees current pay rate for up to 5 years of leave.
  • New Bereavement leave called Compassionate Leave, including 3-5 days paid by the Employer.
  • New 401K plan including Employer 100% match up to Employee 4% contribution and 50% Employer match for Employee 5%-6% contribution.
  • This contract expires Feb 28, 2024.

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