Allina Hospitals Refuse Extension – Contracts Expire

On Thursday, February 25th, 2021, the Allina Union bargaining team continued to push for progress on Union proposals. Unfortunately, Allina management continues to refuse to engage on issues of Health and Safety, Workplace Violence, Racial Equity and Inclusion, or Hero Pay. After weeks of telling Allina members that they would not be able to make progress on non-economic items and health and safety items important to members until the Union team provided its full list of economic proposals, the Union bargaining team reluctantly complied.

Less than one hour after receiving the Union’s economic proposals Allina said they still have no interest in any health and safety proposals or non-economic proposals. Were they bargaining in bad faith? We will let you be the judge. Allina responded by rejecting all Union proposals on all economic and non-economic items, demanded a wage freeze until 2022 and offered a 1% for members in 2022, and 1.5% in year 3. This would be the lowest wage increase for SEIU hospital workers since 1940! The bargaining team is holding firm on our proposals. For details on the proposals click here.

All Allina members are encouraged to stand behind your bargaining committee 100%, to publicly show your support for a fair contract by wearing Union buttons, stickers or purple! Because Allina will stop deducting Union dues from member paychecks, all members will need to make arrangements to pay your Union dues directly to the Union until a new contract is achieved. While Allina thinks that a refusal to extend the contract will divide us, we can show them our Unity and Strength by standing together until we achieve the contract we deserve! Click to make arrangements for direct pay of Union dues here.

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