Allina 2021 – All In to Win

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.04.30 AMAllina continues to treat our bargaining team and our proposals with hostility. Allina believes they can dictate how we negotiate and what we talk about by refusing to extend our contract for another month so that we can reach an agreement that we all deserve.

Let’s show Allina we are All In to Win for a fair contract by signing up to remain union members in good standing!

What do union members need to do?
We are calling on every SEIU member to show Allina we will not be distracted or divided.

  • Sign up to arrange to pay your dues automatically each month directly to SEIU. If you sign up now for automatic dues deductions through PayPal and you won’t pay until April.
  • Wear purple and your SEIU Buttons at work.
  • Continue to stay informed and ready to do whatever it takes to win.

What are we fighting for?

  • A Fair Wage Increase, lower health insurance rates & an increase to our pension
  • Safe Staffing
  • Hero Pay for our Essential Work
  • A Voice and Accountability for Anti-Racism and Inclusion
  • Commitment to Employee Safety

Allina won’t talk to us about solutions to the real issues we brought to the table. They said Hero Pay is “inappropriate,” and that they believe they are already doing enough on safety and diversity.  Instead, Allina proposed to:

  • Lower the Cap on our Paid Time Off
  • Reduce our ability to take vacation
  • Language to weaken or union rights and voice at work
  • A wage freeze, then only small increases
  • More control over our health insurance

Why is Allina Refusing to Extend the Contract and Work with us?
SEIU Members at Twin Cities Hospitals have the same contract expiration date as Allina members and began negotiating in early January. Last week they agreed to extend their contract through March to continue negotiations. SEIU members have already reached tentative agreements on several key issues including a new provision that allows members who experience abuse and trauma at work up to 3 days off to recover. We brought the same proposal to Allina and they said “no”.

Allina has taken a completely different approach to negotiations this year than they have in past years. They refused to begin negotiating until late January and they refused to extend the contract.

Whether or not Allina has the right to stop automatic dues transfer when a contract is expired is up for legal debate. It is certainly not required. It is a deliberate choice Allina is making.

We don’t know why Allina is taking approach to negotiations, but we will not let it stop us from winning the protections, rights and pay we deserve. We will continue to fight and have 2 more dates scheduled.

Why is it important for me to pay my dues directly to our union?
To vote on any agreement and have a voice, we must be in good standing, which means we must continue to pay our dues. In the coming weeks, we will need to make a lot of decisions together. To get the contract we all deserve, we need everyone to stand together. Dues give us the power to fight for issues that matters to us: safe staffing, hero pay, wage increases and much more.
How much will I pay?
For those who work between 40-80 hours in a pay period, dues will be a flat rate of $50 per month (unless you currently pay less than $50, then it will be $30). For those who work less than 40 hours in a pay period or if your dues are normally less than $50/month, dues will be a flat rate of $30 per month. These flat rate amounts are slightly lower than our normal dues rate.
What happens when our contact is expired, do we lose our rights?
No we do not lose our rights. When a union contract expires it is essentially frozen and all current provisions will stay in place with the following two exceptions:
Grievances cannot be taken to arbitration, instead they must be resolved in negotiations.
Union members have the right to strike or picket.
Will we have to go on strike?
We, the members, decide this. If the employer is not willing to move on the issues that are important to us, the bargaining team may recommend that we take a vote to strike because that is the way we can move the employer. If such a vote happens, all members in good standing will have the right to vote on whether or not to authorize a strike and for what length of time. It is important that all SEIU members remain in good standing so that you can vote on this and any other decisions we will need to make during negotiations. Please sign up to pay your dues directly to our union at
What support is available to us?
All of the members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota are supporting our fight. The SEIU HCMN Executive Board passed two resolutions last week to help us hold out for the contract we deserve or to support us in a strike, if we have to. First, if members signup for ongoing direct pay dues in March, SEIU HCMN will waive March dues and they will begin in April. If we authorize a strike, Allina members will receive strike pay of $50 per shift to support all 4,000 members who may need to take that action.
How does the automatic dues deduction incentive program work?
If you sign up for automatic recurring dues deductions through PayPal you will receive credit for one month and dues deductions will begin in April. You can also pay dues by sending cash or check to the union office at Dues Department, 345 Randolph Ave., Suite 100, Saint Paul, MN, 55012; however, the one month credit for dues does not apply unless you sign up for automatic dues deductions.

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