Bipartisan Support for MN Home Care Workers

Home Care Wins Hero PayDuring the October special session, both the Minnesota House and Senate passed a $1.9 billion bonding bill that included emergency funding for home care workers in our union. The bill passed both chambers with bipartisan support and was signed by Governor Walz on October 21st. Home care workers and clients from across the state have been pushing for this increase throughout the pandemic, and we are excited that the legislature finally was able to pass this huge bill that included support to help address the care crisis that has caused seniors and people with disabilities to struggle to find the care they need to stay safely in their homes because of the low wages for this important work.

“Home care workers, who are almost all women like me, and many of whom are women of color, have stepped up throughout this pandemic, working to keep seniors and people with disabilities living safely in their homes and with their families. We’ve put our lives on hold to ensure we are being safe for those we care for, but we haven’t gotten any support at all for this critical, life-saving work. By passing this emergency rate increase, and doing so on a strongly bipartisan basis, the Senate and the House are taking an important step to finally showing that our elected officials value and appreciate the work we have been doing every day during this pandemic,” said Robin Pikala, a home care worker and member-leader with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota from Fridley. 

Want to know how your Representative and Senator voted? Find out who represents you HERE and then check out the votes below:

Senate vote: Senate Journal 2020 5th Special Session P.31 10/15/2020

senate vote

House vote: House Journal 2020 5th Special Session P.41 10/14/2020

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 11.18.52 PM

senate hc no vote


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