Bloomington 2019 Election

CURE bloomingtonIn Bloomington, we can make our city a place where every family – Black, brown or white – can thrive.

Our zip code or job shouldn’t determine whether we can afford housing, get a good education, pay our bills or have quality healthcare we can afford. We can win a future that allows every family in Bloomington to have what we need.

But right now big corporations and some politicians are standing in the way of progress.

That’s why we need you. If we are going to win a $15 minimum wage, paid sick time for all families, strong schools and safe communities, we need YOU to make your voice heard on election day.

Only 10-15% of eligible voters take part in Bloomington city elections.

On November 5th, we can come together like we have done in the past and win real gains.

Find candidates below who have been endorsed by CURE Bloomington and SEIU Minnesota State Council, a union of healthcare workers, school employees and property service workers.

CURE/SEIU Endorsed Candidates

Prepared by the SEIU Minn State Council Political Fund, 2233 University Ave W, #422, St. Paul, MN 55114, as an independent expenditure, and is not approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for its content.

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