Speak up. Stop the Hate! Trump Administration’s Proposed “Public Charge” Rule

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Today, the Trump administration officially published its proposed “public charge” rule that  would force families to choose between the well-being of their children and a secure future in America. If it goes through, it could force families to forego needed healthcare or go hungry or become homeless in order to secure a future in America.

Your voice matters. Help us fight back and stop this rule from taking effect! Working families have 60 days (until Dec. 10) to speak up and speak out on the impact this proposed rule will have on all of us.

Go to and raise your voice to oppose this attack on working people who are struggling to make ends meet.

This proposed rule is the first step in an attack on all public services-an attack aimed at all Americans.  By cutting healthcare, nutrition and housing assistance for new Americans, the administration is undermining vital programs for all communities.

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SEIU Healthcare MN Night at the TIMBERWOLVES

181114_TimeberwolvesSEIU Healthcare

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85 Years Strong: 2018 Member Convention and Leadership Assembly

IMG_9510In September, our Union celebrated our 85 year anniversary as a Health Care Workers Union! As the oldest Union of health care workers in the United States, there was much to celebrate.

On Friday, September 14 leaders from across the Union came together for a day of workshops and learning at the Hilton DouIMG_9803bleTree hotel in Bloomington. Members spent time educating each other on the history of the labor movement and our Union, on public policy issues that affect our health care system, and attended workshops on equity and inclusion in our Union and how we can work together to prevent harassment of all forms in our workplaces and our community.

In the evening, members celebrated our 85 years as a union, and recognized member leaders for oustanding work in their respective leaders rules. Members recognized included Barb Andrew, Grievance Leader, Leslie Kaup, Worksite Leader, Brenda Kessler, Orientation Leader and Cleveland Donazal, Political Leader.

On Saturday, September 15th the fifth annual SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Member Convention was held. Throughout the  mornIMG_0691ing, three resolutions were presented and voted on that shaped the course our Union will take over the coming year. These resolutions included: 85 Years Strong, Leading Strong in an Open Shop Environment, and Health Care for All. For a copy of the full resolutions go to Additionally,  members discussed and decided on important changes to our Union’s Constitution and Bylaws.

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Estates at St. Louis Park

EMPLOYER: Monarch Healthcare Management
WORKSITE: Estates at St. Louis Park
3201 Virginia Avenue S
Saint Louis Park, Minnesota, MN 55426
PHONE: 952-935-0333

Estates at St. Louis Park 2018-February 2021
Healthcare Services Group Master 2016-February 2019

Internal Organizer: Steven Hunt

Charles Singleton, Housekeeping Aide

Worksite Leader:
Handy McKenzie, Housekeeping Aide
Saadia Kuku, Housekeeping Aide

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JOB POSTING: SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Organizing Director


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota  unites more than 35,000 healthcare and long-term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care throughout the state of Minnesota. We are a leader in the progressive community and use a bold and creative approach to politics and organizing. Our daily work is designed to build and reflect member strength and to hold politicians and employers accountable for quality care and quality jobs.

We strongly encourage people of color and women to apply.



The Organizing Director oversees the local’s work related to external organizing activities. As part of the senior staff body, the Director collaborates in the overall development and implementation of the strategic organizing plan for SEIU Healthcare Minnesota

The Organizing Director at SEIU Healthcare Minnesota must carry out a variety of job functions that entail many different areas. An Organizing Director, besides managing the organizing department, is required to develop organizing strategies, organize the community to support SEIU Healthcare Minnesota’s organizing efforts, work closely with international organizing staff, and develop and maintain an SEIU Healthcare Minnesota Member Organizing Team. Any candidate must be willing to work long and irregular hours including weekends and evenings when called for. The Organizing Director must also be willing to travel with some overnight stays.

The Organizing Director shall be required to perform services in accordance with the needs of the Local and at such times and places as are necessary. The Organizing Director must have a dedication to improve the position of our members and strengthen the role of our Union in every venture. There must be a willingness to become educated in health care issues, and a desire to lead and inspire our member leaders and rank and file.



  • Directs External Organizers in developing and executing the strategic organizing plan for the local including the design and implementation of leadership identification, recruitment, development, and training.
  • The Organizing Director oversees and directs the work of all organizing staff, including the development and training of Organizing Committee members.
  • Develops organizing campaigns for unrepresented facilities and sectors of workers and works closely with the leadership team members, International Union Division Director, and SEIU local union Organizing Directors when needed to ensure that the targets are aligned with SEIU and local union priorities.
  • Develops uniform standards for review and evaluation of campaigns.
  • Develops overall industry strategies and action-based campaigns that are industry specific and union-wide on issues that engage workers and members, that are opportunities to build the organization and that are aligned with industry and national objectives within SEIU.
  • Ensures the tracking, reporting and analysis on all campaigns in her/his purview.
  • Ensures the handling of elections are consistent with SEIU HCMN standards.
  • Provides direction, staff development and disciplinary action (if needed) to staff in his/her Department
  • Develops recommended budgets, allocates resources effectively and plans and implements program activities as appropriate.
  • Coordinates with internal Directors to conduct surveys, job audits, investigation and related activities to and in development of Union policies, bargaining positions and development of effective representation programs consistent with internal industry standards and goals.
  • Testifies as expert witness before various agencies
  • Evaluates and initiates requests for ULPs and other third party proceedings.
  • Answers questions from members; respond to members’ calls in a timely manner.
  • Develops organizing budget proposal for organizing year.
  • Support and lead organizing staff in all organizing campaign needs.
  • Makes organizing decisions in consultation with the designated leadership of Healthcare Minnesota; when to pass cards, file, pull petition, or when to go to hearing on all campaigns.
  • Creates a strong community support base through organizing and communication systems; public speaking, leafleting, campaign newsletters and site visits.
  • Identifies, recruits, and trains members for Healthcare Minnesota Member Organizing Team.



  • High School Diploma or GED, Secondary Education preferred.
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience leading large teams of organizing staff/members and demonstrated experience in developing and successfully executing large scale organizing campaigns.
  • In depth knowledge of relevant special body of knowledge including labor law like .
  • Knowledge of workers, the workplace, labor, and political issues
  • Excellent interpersonal skills as demonstrated by the ability to relate, establish and cultivate respectful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Adept at leading and motivating workers in necessary struggles
  • Dedication to workers’ rights and social justice
  • Skilled at managing and meeting many and varying deadlines
  • Effective informal and formal negotiating skills
  • Effective demonstrable oral, written and listening skills in English; bilingual skills highly desirable
  • Excellent analytical and judgment skills as demonstrable by the ability to assess information and evidence and act strategically
  • Excellent organizational and prioritizing skills showing flexibility as needed; adept at dealing with conflicting/changing priorities
  • Effective facilitating and organizing meeting skills
  • Experience organizing independently and as part of a team
  • Working knowledge of computer programs including Word, e-mail, accessing the Internet, and databases
  • Program planning and administrative skills
  • Previous staff supervisory experience
  • Ability to work long and varying hours including weekends, nights and holidays. Driving long distances for extended periods of time is also required. * * *Travel both statewide and out of state with overnights and periods away from home may be required.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and a working automobile.



  • Knowledge of labor rights and contract language.
  • Ability to create and execute campaign plans.
  • Ability to gather, analyze and present statistical data.
  • Ability to establish rapport with members in widely diversified ethnic, social and economic groups.
  • Ability to mobilize membership around issues.
  • Ability to maintain a commitment to educating the members on the Union and their contract.



  • High level of experience in leading union programs, including representation and bargaining, member engagement and leadership development and organizing and ally work.
  • Ability to lead, motivate and inspire others and participate in key union organizing activities even in the face of employer opposition and intimidation
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Desire to learn about labor history, collective bargaining, organizing models and other relevant information, and ability to support others in doing the same
  • Must be able to handle multiple priority projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines and remain accountable to leaders, senior staff, and organizational goals
  • Good and ethical judgment. Willingness to take initiative, to work with a team
  • Good judgment and ability to discern priorities when faced with many important tasks.
  • Manage conflicting demands.
  • Show extreme amounts of patience.
  • Work under pressure independently.
  • Maintain high degree of confidentiality, both for the health care workers being organized and on internal Local and International issues.
  • Show professional demeanor at work-sites and in the community.
  • Maintain respectful, professional relationship with Union members and leaders.
  • History of high level of proven leadership.

Qualified applicants should email a résumé, cover letter, and references to Chief of Staff, Brenda Hilbrich at stating clearly that they are applying for the “Organizing Director” position.


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SEIU Minnesota State Council Endorses Tim Walz for Governor & Peggy Flanagan for Lt. Governor

SAINT PAUL — The SEIU Minnesota State Council, which brings together over 50,000 working people across the state, announced today the endorsement of Congressman Tim Walz for governor and State Representative Peggy Flanagan for lieutenant governor. SEIU members are on the front lines of the fight for good union jobs, quality affordable healthcare, fully-funded public schools and communities that are safe and welcoming for all families. Members from all three of the largest SEIU locals in Minnesota shared their excitement in supporting the Walz/Flanagan ticket.Congrats_Tim_Peggy_rs


LaDonna Meinecke, a clinical social worker who is a member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, shared why she is excited to support Walz/Flanagan this fall.
“In the 10 years I have known Tim Walz, I have been impressed with how he speaks truth to power on behalf of working families in Congress. I look forward to him continuing this practice in St. Paul,” said Meinecke. “Our state needs a governor who will stand up to Republicans like Jeff Johnson who will try to use fear-mongering gimmicks to make us afraid of people who look different than us or live in a different part of the state. Such divisiveness does not reflect Minnesota values and it does not move us forward in finding solutions to real problems. I unequivocally support Tim Walz to be the next governor of Minnesota. He will work tirelessly to unify Minnesotans in our efforts to improve the well being of all families in our state by focusing on the things that really matter: good jobs, affordable healthcare, quality public schools, and safe, livable communities.”

Val Rolstad, a special education school worker and member of SEIU Local 284, spoke about why she was excited for the team of Walz and Flanagan to continue Governor Mark Dayton’s legacy.

“I know that Tim and Peggy are going to be a dynamic team in the governor’s office. Having Peggy Flanagan as lieutenant governor alongside Tim means that the governor’s office will always be a place that listens to and fights for all families in our state, not just those at the top,” said Rolstad. “There are so many critical issues at stake in this election, including the need to invest in our public schools, and Tim and Peggy are clearly the best choice to fight alongside working families in Minnesota. I’m excited to spend this fall talking to my friends and neighbors about this critical election and why the Walz/Flanagan ticket are who we need to keep our state moving forward.”

Candy Wright, a security officer and member of SEIU Local 26, joined fellow SEIU members in showing excitement over SEIU’s endorsement of Walz and Flanagan.

“I am so excited my union is supporting Tim and Peggy in this year’s election. Minnesotans deserve leaders who are going to fight for the things that matter to our families like good union jobs, healthcare we can afford and schools that help our students thrive. Tim and Peggy are the clear choice to keep our state moving forward,” said Wright. “Despite our differences, Minnesotans are united in our belief that all families, no matter the color of our skin or where we live, should be able to live safe, healthy and happy lives. I’ll be working hard to elect Tim and Peggy this fall because I know they share our values and are the best choice to make our state a place that works for every family in Minnesota, not just the rich and powerful.”

SEIU is Minnesota’s third largest and fastest-growing labor union, representing over 50,000 workers statewide who provide care and support for your family in your homes, hospitals, public schools, nursing homes, hotels, universities and the Twin Cities’ largest public and private buildings, and who make and distribute products used by Minnesotans every day. SEIU members are employed in a variety of occupations, including:

  • Hospital, clinic, nursing home and in-home support workers with SEIU Healthcare Minnesota
  • Public school and early childhood workers, and university faculty with SEIU Local 284
  • Commercial and public building maintenance employees and security officers with SEIU Local 26
  • Hospitality, commercial laundry, manufacturing and distribution workers with Workers United


The SEIU Minnesota State Council coordinates the electoral, legislative and outreach work of the SEIU Locals in Minnesota to increase the effectiveness of their efforts to organize unorganized workers in critical sectors of our economy, improve wages, hours and working conditions, and build political and legislative power for all workers and their families. The State Council’s board is comprised of elected leaders, SEIU members and staff of the various SEIU Local Unions in Minnesota, and that board, with the active participation and input of our broader membership, determines our endorsements.

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Health Insurance & Wellness Videos

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SEIU HCMN Statement on Trump’s Executive Order

This Executive Order requires families be indefinitely imprisoned in facilities such as abandoned Walmarts, tent cities, military bases, etc. where children will still be forcibly separated from parents prosecuted as criminals, as mandated by the administration’s zero tolerance policy. The family separations will still happen.

This Executive Order is still a part of the same design to criminalize communities of color and expand the already massive, unaccountable and deadly immigrant detention system. It does absolutely nothing to solve the manufactured humanitarian crisis at the border created by President Trump and his administration.

Meanwhile, over 2,300 children still remain in cages and many still missing. Some of the parents have been deported with no instructions on how to locate their children, and there are no mechanisms established to assist in the reunification of these families.

We are a country of compassion, opportunity and hope. The safety and well-being of children and the soul of America is still at stake. We must keep families together in an environment where children can thrive.

Using the lives of young children as political bargaining chips will never solve this crisis, nor will terrorizing our borderland communities. We demand an end to this cruel practice of criminalizing families and locking them up in jails indefinitely.

# # # #

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Home Care Workers and Clients Disappointed at Lack of Action on Home Care Crisis During Legislative Session, Vow to Mobilize “Care Voters” in November

Saint Paul, Minn—The 2018 legislative session ended without any new investments in home care work, despite high profile attention to a care crisis that is affecting seniors and people with disabilities across the state. The crisis was front-page news with stories highlighting the fact that there are over 8,000 vacancies in the state’s personal care attendant programs due to low wages and lack of benefits.

While disappointed about the lack of investment in care work, home care workers with SEIU did praise legislators from both parties for standing up to protect their union rights from those who attempted to weaken them this session.

“Minnesotans want a state where our loved ones can get the care they need and deserve in their own homes. Home care workers and our clients came to the Capitol throughout the session to make sure our elected officials understood the crisis facing families in every corner of the state,” said Dawn Burnfin, a mother and home care worker from Chisholm in Northern Minnesota and elected member of the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota executive board. “Make no mistake, inaction means more pain, frustration and heartache for families across Minnesota. This is wrong and we will mobilize home care workers to make sure legislators understand the need for investments in care between now and the November elections.”


The advocacy by SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members, seniors and people with disabilities generated bi-partisan support to raise wages, with bills being introduced in both the House and Senate. Money for a pay increase was included in Governor Dayton’s proposed budget. Despite broad support for the issue, the pay raises were not included in the final budget bill. This inaction has caused frustration for the thousands of families across the state personally affected by this growing crisis.

“While I’m extremely disappointed we didn’t win steps forward for our families around home care funding, it serves as a reminder about the importance of elections and getting people into office who share our values around the care and dignity of our families,” said Delores Flynn, a Union supporter and mother and caretaker of an adult son who needs 24-hour care to stay in his home. “I’m ready to work as hard as possible to make sure we have people in office who understand the challenges facing families like mine.”

Following session, Delores joined home care workers, clients, faith, labor and community organizations in launching a “Care Voter” effort for the 2018 election. The “Care Voter” initiative will seek to mobilize voters to educate candidates and fellow voters about ways the next legislature can support care givers and the people they care for. The “Care Voter” initiative will be a key part of SEIU’s member electoral program this fall and summer.

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SEIU Albert Lea Members Reach Agreement with Mayo

New contract ratified Monday following agreement reached after 2nd strike had been authorized

Albert Lea, Minn — After a contentious, multi-year fight, members of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota who work at the Albert Lea Mayo Hospital have reached an agreement with Mayo Clinic. The two sides reached a tentative agreement the week of May 7th for both groups of workers (general group and skilled maintenance) that have been without contracts for nearly two years.

rs_Albert_Lea_Mayo_HCMN_strikeAfter giving members time to look over the tentative agreement, a majority of SEIU members voted to approve the plan Monday. The agreement came following members authorizing a second strike in a vote in late April. With a possible second, longer strike looming, the two sides were able to reach an agreement that found both sides compromising at the May bargaining sessions.

Workers expressed pride in standing up for good jobs and quality rural healthcare, even as Mayo dug in on certain policy proposals that the group had hoped to stop.

“Being able to win really good pay raises and making sure our contract does not include a subcontracting clause for skilled maintenance jobs were big wins,” said Nate Johnson, Chief Engineer and 20-year Mayo employee. “We wish we had been able to get them to move on everything we wanted, but I’m incredibly proud that we stood up for what is right and won the positive changes that we did. We hope we showed other workers, both here in Albert Lea and across the state, that there is power in standing up for what is right for working families.”

The groups won pay increases ranging from 7.25% to 10% over the three years of the contract. While Mayo won the right to change four core benefits during the term of the contract, workers won a contract provision that those benefits will be offered to all full-time and part-time (.5 and over) employees during the term of the contract, an important win for members. The contract also included protections and support for workers who may have to transition to Austin, even as the union continues to oppose any reductions in staff or services in Albert Lea. It also preserved holiday pay, which was one of the driving issues behind the Dec. 22nd strike and Christmas lockout.

“We took a stand, against the odds, because we believed that the work we do in our community hospital is important for our families, our neighbors and our communities,” said Sheri Wichmann, who has worked in sterile processing for 18 years. “Going on strike and being locked out showed we firmly believed in our fight for good jobs and good healthcare here in Albert Lea. We remain committed to those values. While you always wish you had been able to win everything you set out for at the start, we are proud we were able to move Mayo on important issues facing our families and community.”

As part of the agreement, both sides agreed to drop NLRB charges against the other.


SEIU Healthcare Minnesota represents over 35,000 healthcare and long term care workers in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and home care across Minnesota.

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