HP TeleTown Hall: LOU and VOTE

We reached a Tentative Agreement on a temporary “Letter of Understanding” that would be in effect through June 30, 2020. If our state is still experiencing a surge of COVID-19 patients, HealthPartners will have the right to extend this agreement one month. Any additional extensions would be by mutual agreement and we are hopeful that additional action would be taken in Congress to guide any negotiations at that time. Click here for the full text version of the Tentative Agreement. On Sunday, April 19th on the Telephone Town Hall meeting members discussed the LOU, debated the provisions and VOTED on the Tentative Agreement. Below is the recording of the call.


First Half of TeleTown Hall – Questions with President Gulley


Second half of TeleTown Hall – Questions and Vote



The agreement provides economic security for our members in exchange for some flexibility in operations.

  • All members will be guaranteed to maintain our benefits for the duration of the agreement, even if on furlough.
  • Extends benefit eligibility and coverage to employees in Dental and Eye clinics through the duration of the agreement.
  • HealthPartners agreed to provide retro-pay for the first two weeks of the emergency for all members who experienced ILS or VLS (March 18-April 1). Those who were not paid will be paid for the lost hours and those who covered their hours from paid time accounts will have those hours restored.
  • The maximum number of hours for ILS and VLS will increase from 75 to 150.
  • A furlough process will be established, using volunteers first, so that members in areas with reduced work can apply for the enhanced unemployment benefits. Furlough hours will not count as hours worked, meaning there is no accrual of paid time off (vacation, PH if applicable or sick time) during furlough.
  • Floating will be permitted across clinics to a maximum of 30 miles from an employee’s home clinic, with mileage pay, etc. Volunteers would be requested first, but everyone would be able to be floated for emergency situations.
  • Members who have needed skills and are willing to work outside of GHI will be requested. Such volunteers will continue to enjoy the full benefits of the contract including benefit accruals, wage rates, premium share, seniority and just cause discipline process.
  • In the event of an emergency where HealthPartners believes it needs more help outside of GHI than there are volunteers, HealthPartners is required to notify the union in advance and to negotiate the effects of such redeployment.
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COVID Take Action

  • PETITION: Protect Frontline Healthcare Workers

    • Sign our petition and send a message calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to act immediately on our need for more PPE here.
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Important Info & Updates COVID


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COVID Member Resources

Food Resources

Housing and Rent Resources

Budget and Tax Resources

Energy Assistance by County

General Resources

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Governor Walz Emergency Executive Orders

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COVID Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets on COVID-19

coronavirus-fact-sheet_Page_1 Below are fact sheets compiled by our IU based on information given by the Center for Disease Control that explains more about the virus and what we currently know about protecting ourselves.

Coronavirus fact sheet Armenian
Coronavirus fact sheet Chinese
Coronavirus fact sheet English
Coronavirus fact sheet French
Coronavirus fact sheet Hmong
Coronavirus fact sheet Korean
Coronavirus fact sheet Russian
Coronavirus fact sheet Spanish
Coronavirus fact sheet Vietnamese

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COVID Videos

When a Healthcare Worker is Quarantined

Every day, frontline caregivers have to stay home, quarantined. Here is one SEIU HCMN member’s powerful story of that experience. Thank you Danica for sharing it with all of us. #GetMePPE#ProtectAllWorkers


Messages from SEIU Healthcare Minnesota staff to our incredible members in the frontline fighting a global pandemic. We are doing everthing possible to ensure your health and safety at work and to #ProtectAllWorkers. We love and appreciate you, our healthcare heroes!

Teletown Hall with Gov. Walz and President Jamie Gulley

The morning of March 26 Governor Walz and President Jamie Gulley held a Teletown Hall with members to provide updates on the work going on across the state and all the sectors of our union – nursing homes, home care, hospitals and clinics – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Francis is a Homecare worker, a nurse and a grandmother who takes care of her grandson August, who has a suppressed immune system. There are over 2 million homecare providers (93,000 in Minnesota) who do not have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves and their clients. Policymakers cannot afford to neglect homecare providers during this pandemic! Join Francis and working people across the country to call on the government to protect their health and safety by investing to ensure they have the paid time off, access to healthcare, increased safety precautions at work, and equitable treatment no matter where they are from or what race they are. Bail Out Workers, Not Corporations!

Heroes on the Frontline of Healthcare – Harry’s Story

Frontline Healthcare Heroes fighting a pandemic. This is Harry’s story, a transport aide at a hospital.

Washing Off COVID-19: The Racism & Xenophobia Too


A Message from President Gulley on COVID-19 & Healthcare Workers

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Tele-Town Hall Meeting – Worker’s Compensation & Unemployment Benefits

On Saturday, April 11, SEIU HCMN hosted a second Tele-Town Hall to discuss and answer member questions about Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Benefits.

State Representative Ryan Winkler, Majority Leader of the State House of Representatives discuss the new Worker’s Compensation legislation for COVID-19 related illness and how it benefits members. Listen to the recording here:


Steve Grove, Commissioner of the Department of Employment and Economic Development discussed the new Unemployment Benefits improvements from the state and federal government and answered questions from members. Listen to the recording here:

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Allina Temporary Furlough Agreement – TeleTown Hall Recording


We have reached an agreement with Allina on a temporary, rotating furlough program to be implemented over the next month. There are departments at the hospitals that will need to reduce staff due to shortages of work while the community waits for a patient surge. Allina members voted to ratify the agreement on Saturday, April 11 during a Tele Town Hall. Listen to the recording above.

The Furlough Agreement is available for review here.

The way this would work, is that if the department determines that they can furlough members for the week, they would offer the opportunity for a furlough week to members by high seniority first (per shift), then on down the list and then start over. The opportunity would rotate all the way through the list so everyone who wants an opportunity to take a furlough will get an opportunity before any member receives a second chance. Members who take the furlough would then be able to file for unemployment for that week. For the next 4 months weekly unemployment benefits include an additional COVID-19 Federal benefit of $600 above the your weekly benefit paid by MN. This would allow some members a chance to be away from the hospital and mitigate exposure to COVID-19 as well.

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Will you join us to support healthcare workers91637404_10157760314071928_6969543765950201856_o like Brianne who are on the frontline, working tirelessly to fight #COVID19 without personal protective equipment.

We call on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Trump Administration to compel manufacturers to produce the equipment healthcare workers need to protect our patients and community.


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