COVID-19 Info & Updates

Protecting you and those you care for!

Information is power when it comes ensuring the health and safety of our members and those we care for. With reports of the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading across the globe and nation, we want to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information on how to best protect yourself.

COVID-19 Workplace Concerns & Contract Issues

If you have concerns surrounding your employer’s response to the handling of COVID-19 or feel that your health and safety have been compromised at work, fill out the COVID-19 online submission form here.

PETITION: Protect Frontline Healthcare Workers 91637404_10157760314071928_6969543765950201856_o

Sign our petition and send a message calling on Congress and the Trump Administration to act immediately on our need for more PPE here.

MPLS/STP Earned Safe & Sick Time

If you work within the cities of St. Paul or Minneapolis, you can use up to 80 hours of what is called “Safe Time” under those cities’ ESST ordinances, because they define school closures and public-health emergencies as events that can trigger mandatory “Safe Time” coverage from employers. Where you live has no bearing on whether the St. Paul and Minneapolis ordinances apply – just where your work is performed.  You accrue 1 hour of Safe and Sick Time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 80 for the year.

This also means that if the Coronavirus forces some employees to work in a reduced capacity or work fewer hours from what was previously scheduled, those employees may use accrued Sick and Safe Time for the previously scheduled hours.

If you are infected or symptomatic, you may use any accrued sick and safe time hours and the employer is required to allow access. Furthermore, ordinance protection is triggered if an employee has reason to believe they are probably infected. Under those circumstances, self-quarantine (“preventive care” during a global pandemic) would constitute a protected use of accrued sick and safe time. Note that preemptive self-quarantine (i.e. without reason to believe you have contracted an illness) is not covered by the Sick and Safe Time ordinance.

SEIU HCMN worked together with a broad coalition of labor, faith and community partners to pass these ordinances – and continues to fight for the same protections to be extended by state law to cover all workers in Minnesota.

If you have additional questions about ESST and how it applies to you, there are FAQs for both MPLS and St. Paul or you can contact the Member Action Center at 651-294-8100 |


Messages from SEIU Healthcare Minnesota staff to our incredible members in the frontline fighting a global pandemic. We are doing everthing possible to ensure your health and safety at work and to #ProtectAllWorkers. We love and appreciate you, our healthcare heroes!

Teletown Hall with Gov. Walz and President Jamie Gulley

The morning of March 26 Governor Walz and President Jamie Gulley held a Teletown Hall with members to provide updates on the work going on across the state and all the sectors of our union – nursing homes, home care, hospitals and clinics – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Francis is a Homecare worker, a nurse and a grandmother who takes care of her grandson August, who has a suppressed immune system. There are over 2 million homecare providers (93,000 in Minnesota) who do not have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect themselves and their clients. Policymakers cannot afford to neglect homecare providers during this pandemic! Join Francis and working people across the country to call on the government to protect their health and safety by investing to ensure they have the paid time off, access to healthcare, increased safety precautions at work, and equitable treatment no matter where they are from or what race they are. Bail Out Workers, Not Corporations!

Heroes on the Frontline of Healthcare – Harry’s Story

Frontline Healthcare Heroes fighting a pandemic. This is Harry’s story, a transport aide at a hospital.

A Message from President Gulley on COVID-19 & Healthcare Workers


Important Info and Documents

Governor Walz Emergency Executive Orders

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General Resources

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Fact Sheets on COVID-19

coronavirus-fact-sheet_Page_1 Below are fact sheets compiled by our IU based on information given by the Center for Disease Control that explains more about the virus and what we currently know about protecting ourselves.

Coronavirus fact sheet Armenian
Coronavirus fact sheet Chinese
Coronavirus fact sheet English
Coronavirus fact sheet French
Coronavirus fact sheet Hmong
Coronavirus fact sheet Korean
Coronavirus fact sheet Russian
Coronavirus fact sheet Spanish
Coronavirus fact sheet Vietnamese


Washing Off COVID-19: The Racism & Xenophobia Too


Up-to-date Information

The situation is evolving rapidly. Please see the links below for the most up-to-date information.

As a union of healthcare workers, we respect and care for people of all nationalities and ethnicities and realize that screening for the coronavirus must be based upon an individual’s likely exposure to the virus — not their language or skin color. We will support and encourage respectful treatment of all patients and team members during this challenging period. SEIU will continue to monitor the outbreak and provide additional materials to help members protect themselves and their communities.

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