Contract Ratification Vote Results

A strong majority of union members have voted to ratify our new 3-year union contract!

Your first 2.5% annual wage increase under this new contract is retroactive to Feb. 1, and you can see the full updated wage scales in the documents here (you may have to scroll down to find the wages for your job class – they are separated by Unit number).

You all have a tremendous amount to be proud of. Were it not for the unity and strength of this membership group, and in particular your 95% vote to wage a week-long strike, we would be looking at much more severe cuts to the Choice plan, severe cuts to the Classic plan, Overtime-pay changes, and hardly anything in wage increases. But by standing together with your union, you fought back those and other concessions. Congratulations, one and all!

Based on everything we’ve learned over the last few months, we know it is going to take an even bigger fight three years from now to win progress in our next contract and to maintain our best-in-the-industry benefits. If you’d like to be part of a conversation evaluating what we’ve learned over the course of this campaign, and beginning to prepare for the fights to come, please join us at the union hall in St. Paul (345 Randolph Ave., Suite 100) next Wednesday from 6:15-7:45pm. We’ll have food. RSVP or send any questions about this Contract Action Team debrief to Elise at elise.frieder@seiuhcmn.org

2020-2022 Wage Scales


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