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HealthPartners has proposed significant cuts to the health care we fought for and earned. These cuts will result in considerable increases to annual co-pays and premiums. This calculator will allow you to estimate what these costs may mean for yourself and your family. This is an estimate for full time employees only, and in many cases it is even more expensive for part time employees.

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Make sure to sign the petition and tell HealthPartners you are ready to do whatever it takes to protect our health care, wages, and working conditions. Either fill out the form digitally to sign the petition, save it and email it; or print it off and scan or take a picture of the signed petition and email to Elise.Frieder@seiuhcmn.org.


HealthPartners in the Media

HealthPartners is shutting down a home care service based in St. Paul and eliminating about 70 jobs, the third example in six weeks of cutbacks by the Bloomington-based health insurer and care system.

Officials said the upcoming closure of Integrated Home Care, which HealthPartners confirmed Thursday to the Star Tribune, stems from financial challenges at the home care service, including an expected cut next year in federal reimbursements.

The move was blasted by the union representing many home care workers, which called the shutdown “an example of a health system putting their profit margin before people.” A HealthPartners spokeswoman said the health system must “care for and serve people in a financially sustainable way.”

“This is the opposite of the behavior we expect from an organization that claims to be committed to promoting health,” said Phillip Cryan, executive vice president of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota, in a statement. “The SEIU members at HealthPartners have been very proud of the work they’ve done caring for families in our community and of the organization they worked for, for many years.”

HealthPartners will shutter its St. Paul-based home care unit, eliminating 70 jobs by Jan. 31 — its third round of layoffs in the last six weeks.

The decision to close Integrated Home Care on St. Paul’s East Side follows the Bloomington-based health organization’s announcement in November that it will trim 30 retail pharmacy operations in Minnesota as a result of competitive pressures, letting go 300 workers.

Another 75 administrative jobs lost throughout its metro-wide network of hospitals and clinics was attributed to federal changes in Medicare offerings.

This move comes down to a health system putting profits before people, [SEIU EVP Phillip] Cryan added.

“Families all across Minnesota want to move forward on fixing our healthcare system, not backwards,” he said.

SEIU is currently negotiating a labor contract, which expires at the end of January, on behalf of more than 1,800 HealthPartners workers across 70 job classifications.

“They are proposing major, major cost shifting in terms of healthcare costs, for healthcare workers,” Cryan said. “If this doesn’t change in the next seven weeks, it’s pretty likely we’ll see a strike across the whole system in February. It’s therapists, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners — everybody.”

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