Convention Resolutions

2014 Convention Resolutions

Standards for Workers for 2015

First Annual Member Convention – September 20, 2014 – Executive Board Resolution #1 Adopted September 18, 2014

WHEREAS, workers who care for patients, nursing home residents, and home care clients are driven by a love of service, dedication to their professions, and pursuit of the highest quality care for the people they serve; and

WHEREAS, workers performing similar jobs or even more difficult jobs are being paid less than other workers covered by our contracts; and

WHEREAS, employers have been engaged in a systematic and deliberate effort to eliminate full time jobs in favor of part-time jobs in order to increase “flexibility”; and

WHEREAS, workloads have been continually increased for employees in every part of the industry, through leaving positions unfilled, layoffs, restructuring of work and subcontracting; and

WHEREAS, the increasing complexity of work in health care and home care, pressure from both federal and state governments, expectations from payers and the safety of the people we serve requires highly trained employees; and

WHEREAS, the health care and home care industries continue to have high rates of work-related injuries and unsafe conditions, as exhibited by injury reports and reports from members; and

WHEREAS, defined benefit, union sponsored pension plans are the most secure and stable means to provide a dignified retirement and our union has available such a plan for our members; and

WHEREAS, our employers, other corporate officers and some political leaders continue to disregard the voices of our members as important at the bargaining table and in the policy arena; and

WHEREAS, just months before he was murdered, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was initiating a campaign to demand jobs, unemployment insurance, a fair minimum wage, and education for poor adults and children designed to improve their self-image and self-esteem; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members, through their labor contracts, will fight to establish Martin Luther King Day as a holiday to recognize his fight for racial and economic justice; to establish a $15/hour minimum wage for all workers delivering and supporting health care and home care services; for safe staffing to protect the people in our care; for jobs that are full time; for training and education in order that workers may advance their careers and provide quality services; for safe working conditions and reducing injuries; for union pensions that support retirement with dignity and security; and be it finally

RESOLVED that SEIU Healthcare Minnesota members will fight for respect for themselves and their union through effective contract campaigns, public messages, political action, policy engagement and working with community partners in order to establish these standards, improve care, support our families, and reclaim the American Dream.


Enhancing Democratic Processes in Our Union

First Annual Member Convention – September 20, 2014 – Executive Board Resolution #2 Adopted September 18, 2014

WHEREAS, a vibrant and effective labor union and social justice organization builds power only with the informed and active participation of its members; and

WHEREAS, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota leaders are committed to responding to the voices of union members and having leaders throughout the organization be held accountable to the members; and

WHEREAS, many of our members are new to our union or any union, and thus unaware of both history and internal operations; and

WHEREAS, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota has changed its bylaws to both reflect its mission and to establish new ways to engage a larger segment of its members; and

WHEREAS, the Executive Board has focused attention on expanding opportunities for member voice in the union and is committed to informing our members of our success in the fights we wage; and

WHEREAS, expanding opportunities for member leadership requires that members know and understand how our union operates and that they receive information in a timely manner; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that SEIU Healthcare Minnesota will adopt the following practices:

  • Provide the details of negotiated changes in contract agreements to members eligible to ratify those changes at least 3 days prior to scheduled vote;
  • Allow minority reports from members of a bargaining team when unanimous recommendation is not attainable, but only on the condition that such reports are not neutral but must either recommend approval or rejection (and thus recommending a strike, if applicable);
  • Send copies of Executive Board minutes to Stewards for discussion at meetings; allow posting of Executive Board minutes on bulletin boards in facilities (noting that such minutes shall not include confidential information);
  • Require that stewards will be subject to rank and file votes, to take place with a minimum frequency of once every three years;
  • Affirm that individuals who serve as stewards must sign and abide by the Steward Pledge, be confirmed in their position by a designated officer and be subject to removal for cause by that same officer; and
  • Reject employer demands for confidential settlements over any issues involving Unfair Labor Practice charges for anti-union animus and/or discrimination.


“This is Our Hospital” Campaign

First Annual Member Convention – September 20, 2014 – Executive Board Resolution #3 Adopted September 18, 2014

WHEREAS, the financial benefit to Minnesota’s nonprofit hospitals resulting from their favored tax status exceeds $500 million per year; and

WHEREAS, Federal law requires nonprofit hospitals to justify their tax-exempt status by providing Community Benefits in the form of financial aid to low-income patients and by investing in medical research and education, public health, and community building activities; and

WHEREAS, 134 executives and administrators at Minnesota’s nonprofit hospitals receive compensation greater than the salary of the President of the United States, making our charitable hospitals significant contributors to income inequality in Minnesota; and

WHEREAS, Minnesota’s largest nonprofit hospital systems currently invest, on average, about 2.5% of patient revenue in Community Benefit activities, while net patient revenue (i.e. profit), for these systems accounts for, on average, 7% of patient revenue; and

WHEREAS, in recent history, nonprofit hospitals in Minnesota have been guilty of hiring abusive collection agencies to collect medical debt on their behalf, allowing debt collectors to approach patients in Emergency Departments, and failing to notify low-income uninsured patients of the availability of financial aid; and

WHEREAS, nonprofit hospitals often outsource or under-resource hospital support services, resulting in cuts to staffing, training, and supplies, which endangers both workers and patients by leading to higher rates of on-the-job injuries and hospital acquired infections; and

WHEREAS, bankers and other representatives of financial institutions hold many seats on nonprofit hospitals’ Executive Boards, while patients, workers, and community members are often excluded; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That SEIU Healthcare Minnesota shall launch a legislative campaign, our This is Our Hospital campaign, to: limit the compensation of executives and administrators at nonprofit hospitals to the total compensation of the president of the United States (currently $450,000); require nonprofit hospitals to invest more resources in Community Benefits and to improve patient care; protect patients from debt-collectors; require nonprofit hospitals to keep all housekeepers, dietary aides, and other support workers in-house; and diversify the Executive Boards of nonprofit hospitals.

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