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join seiu buttonCongratulations!  You’re now a member of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota (SEIU HCMN). You are joining a powerful group of people who have a voice at work. Together we set the standards for working people across the country. The Service Employees International Union is a national union with over 2 million members in Health Care (like you), as well as public employees and property services. Our members keep things running in a lot of industries. SEIU is one of the strongest and fastest growing unions in the United States. SEIU Healthcare Minnesota is a state-wide local that represents over 43,000 people who work in Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care and Home Care. As a Union, we achieve things we could never achieve individually.

By being a Union Member you are contributing to an organization, made up of people just like you, committed to building power to improve the lives of our members, the people we care for and all working families.  We do this by winning great contracts and supporting each other and our rights to join together in a union.  As a Union Member you have the opportunity to be involved in suggesting new ideas and the changes you’d like to see at work, participate in Union activities, vote on your contract and help set the direction of the Union as delegates to the Annual Convention. There are many ways for members to get more involved and we are excited to have you as a member!

You can find out what your fellow union members have bargained with the employer by reviewing the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). If you don’t already have a copy, you can get one from one of the Member Leaders at your workplace or look on-line at

We wish you well in your new job and look forward to learning more about you! We hope that you will become an active member of our union. Imagine what we can achieve together!

In Unity,
Jamie Gulley, President


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  • Union members have a voice at work on issues important to you: raises, time off, health care, scheduling and overtime, workplace safety, dignity and respect.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 Union members made almost 17.4% more in weekly earnings or $8,892/year.
  • Women and people of color make up the majority of SEIU HCMN members. Women make 21.7% more than their non-union counterparts or over $10,000/ year more. POC Union members make over 40% more than non-union POC in the workforce or more than $20,000/year.
  • Union Members get approximately 25% more paid days off.  82% of Union workers have paid sick leave compared to 63% of people not in a union.  If you live in Minneapolis or Saint Paul all workers have access to sick and safe time, SEIU HCMN led the work on securing these city ordinances.
  • Greater access to Healthcare Coverage: On average Union Members are 28% more likely to be covered by employer provided health insurance and they pay less out of pocket.Source:


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COPE-Our RightsCOPE signup-01Corporate interests want low wages and use the law to undermine our voice by eliminating the right to collectively bargain, making it harder to join together, or taking away our voice on the job. SEIU COPE works to elect politicians who will defend our voice and make it easier for others to join us.

COPE-HC-01Politicians control half of all the money spent on healthcare. When they make decisions about Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance, we need a seat at the table. SEIU makes sure that our elected leaders listen to workers not just industry officials.

COPE-lifting all workers-01Union members cannot raise our workplace standards, if other workers keep falling further behind. We’re fighting for a $15 minimum wage, paid family leave, and stronger protections against harassment at work. Politicians set these legal standards, so we must work hard to elect ones who will support workers.

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