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$500 Stipend – Training Info & Instructions

Training Requirements: To qualify for the Stipend and/or Enhanced Rate, workers must complete these courses after July 1, 2019.


For the $500 Stipend and Enhanced Rate:

Available to PCA Choice, CSG, and CDCS workers. You need to take three courses total:

  • 1 course from Group A
  • 1 course from Group B
  • 1 course from Group C, or an additional course from Group B.

For those getting the $500 Stipend for the second time:

Available to PCA Choice, CSG, and CDCS workers. You need to take three courses total:

  • 1 course from Group B; You can take a new course, or you can re-certify by taking the same course you took for your first stipend. You cannot use the same certificate you used for your first stipend.
  • 2 course from Group C, or an additional course from Group B; You cannot repeat online courses you took for your first stipend.

For both benefits: A current CNA, LPN, or RN license, or HHA certificate meets the requirements for groups B & C. If you have you have a current license or certificate, you need only complete the single course from Group A to meet the requirements for both the stipend and the enhanced rate.

Which Benefit Is For You?:

How to enroll in Online (Groups A & C) Trainings:

  • Go to: https://login.elsevierperformancemanager.com/SelfRegister.aspx?VirtualName=MNNEW
  • Fill this web form out entirely. In the ‘Group’ dropdown, make sure ‘MN DSW Stipend Enhanced Rate’ is selected.
  • Once you’ve registered you’ll be redirected to the login page. Your username is your email address.
  • Once you’ve logged in, click the ‘Self-Enroll: eLearning’ quick link at the lower-left side of the page.
  • Click ‘Enroll’ at the far-right of the page
  • Select the classes you’d like to take. The ‘CDS: Civil Rights and Advocacy: History of the Disability Rights Movement‘ class is required for both the stipend and the enhanced rate, but all other classes are chosen by you.
  • Close the pop-up window
  • Return to the Home Screen by clicking the ‘Home’ header at the top-left of the page
  • You will now see ‘ Current Assignments ’ in a green box on the left side of the page. Click ‘eLearning Lessons’ and you’re off!
  • When you’ve fully completed the online classes needed to qualify for the benefits, you’ll find a link to your transcript on the left side of the Home Screen below your classes. Print or screenshot this transcript to submit as proof of completion later.

You can return to the Direct Course login page at any time using this link: https://login.elsevierperformancemanager.com/systemlogin.aspx?virtualname=MNNEW

If you have any technical issues with the DirectCourse website, please contact: dhs.dsd_cds@state.mn.us

Any other technical issues throughout the process can be addressed here: https://www.minnesotadswtraining.com/contact

In-Person (Group B) Classes:


  • If you already have recent/active certification in CPR/First Aid through the Red Cross or American Heart Association, you can use that certification to bypass the in-person requirement if you haven’t already done so. Simply submit a copy of your certification along with your Direct Course transcripts. If you used your current certification for a previous stipend, you’ll need to re-certify or take a different in-person course to qualify for another stipend.
  • If you already have CNA, HHA, LPN or RN, you will qualify for either benefit by simply completing the ‘CDS: Civil Rights and Advocacy: History of the Disability Rights Movement’ class (Group A). No other classes are needed to qualify, although you’re more than welcome to take them!

There are currently three in-person course options:

Essential Skills Training

Offered at St. Paul College, this is a training on skills such as transfers, peri care, wound care and much more. It’s our most comprehensive training, developed by Home Care workers and clients in partnership with St. Paul College and DHS. Register for this course by contacting Brenton Rice at admin@minnesotadswtraining.com

Managing Stress as a Paid Caregiver & The Independent Living Model

This is a training developed in partnership with the U of M Institute on Community Integration to give you a broader view of Home Care’s role in our society’s shift from facility-based care to self-directed community-based care, as well as skills to manage the stresses you may face as a caregiver. Register for this course by contacting Brenton Rice at admin@minnesotadswtraining.com

Minnesota State (MNSCU) Medical Training: CPR, First Aid, Safe Patient Handling, OSHA

These are individual classes for the skills listed, hosted at technical & community colleges across Minnesota. You will receive certification for these courses. To register for any of these courses, follow the instructions below to create an account at https://www.minnesotadswtraining.com, and be sure to check the box at the bottom of the signup page — this will alert staff to find the in-person training near you. If you have already created an account on this page, please send an email to admin@minnesotadswtraining.com to request a list of in-person trainings in your region.

Please allow some time for staff to find the classes near you. Once you’ve taken these steps, staff will reach out shortly!


How to request your benefits:

When you’ve completed all of the required trainings to qualify, gather your proofs of completion as described in the Group A instructions and from your in-person course, then:

  • Return to https://www.minnesotadswtraining.com
  • If you haven’t already created an account, click ‘Signup’ at the top-right of the homepage and fill out the form. You can get your UMPI number by making a quick call to your agency/FMS to request it.
  • If you already have an account on this page, log in using the link at the top-left of the page.
  • Follow the step-by-step process to submit your proofs and request your Enhanced Rate and/or Stipend.

If you have any questions after reading through these instructions, please email us for help: HomeCareInfo@seiuhcmn.org

Also, keep in mind that these trainings have been made possible and developed by folks just like yourself — Home care Clients, Family Caregivers and PCAs — through collective bargaining with the state of Minnesota. The way to build upon and refine these trainings moving forward is to continue to grow our strong community voice. Show your support by getting involved with your Home Care Community! Follow us on Facebook or call our Member Action Center at 651-294-8100 to hear about upcoming events!

If you’re not yet a member, become one at: https://secure.everyaction.com/sxR78aQO0ESDLcVYNP8VcA2

As a member you’ll be able to help shape the future of these trainings and help to win higher wages and better benefits!

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