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Standing Rules

2020 Minutes

Phone # for help with technical issues – 651-294-8116

Convention FAQ’s

How do I log into the convention?

Check your email. If you are pre-registered, and are in good standing, a link was sent to your email address

Can you hear me?

The convention is setup so that attendees’ microphones are disabled. You will be able to listen to the meeting, but you will generally not be able to talk. We will have opportunities to speak in favor or against the resolutions. At that time, we will provide instructions on how you can participate. When you are selected, the host will invite you to turn your microphone on by clicking a button on your screen and then the chair will invite you to speak. Once you are finished speaking, the host will turn off your microphone.

Can you see me?

The convention is setup so that attendees’ cameras are disabled. You will be able to watch those presenting at the meeting as well as the presentation, but others will not be able to see you.

How do I get back into the convention if I lose my internet connection?

Go back to your email with the original sign in link and re-click it. You will be returned to the meeting.

What to do if you cannot hear anything or see anything?

Please check to see if your speakers are turned on and are enabled to be used by Zoom.  If the speakers are turned on and the level is set comfortably, you can check the audio settings in Zoom. From a computer, there is a button on the lower right side that you can click which will display audio options. You can select to test the volume from those settings.  For troubleshooting audio on a computer:

If you are using Zoom from your phone, please review these sound troubleshooting settings:

Can I call into the convention from a phone?

Yes, you can call into it with a phone, however, we recommend you connect with Zoom in order to get the full experience. If you need to only call in via a telephone, that number is located at the bottom of your registration confirmation email with the link to the meeting.

Do I need to download Zoom on my computer or phone?

When you click on the link for the meeting, a small application will be installed on your computer or you will be prompted to install the app on your phone. While the application is installing, check the box to allow the application to use your microphone, and camera. Once the app is installed, you can re-click on the link and you will be able to get into the meeting.

How can I register to join?

We can register you once we verify your membership status.

How can I become a member?

If you haven’t signed up yet, visit

How can I pay my dues?

I can connect you with someone who can help you do that.

How can I access documents?

The documents for the meeting are available on the convention webpage at:

Can I join with a co-worker?

Each link is unique to each individual. Please do not share the link with anyone else.

Phone # for help with technical issues – 651-294-8116